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Parents are sure to still remember New Year’s Eve when they expected to finally be able to stay up that long and do something different from the rest of the year. If it’s New Years Eve there’s a party with Mom and Dad right now, maybe a little friend or two.

If we, as a parent, feel that we do not entrust our seedlings to grandparents or nannies, Organize a house party where young and old alike can have fun. We have tried to come up with some ideas that can be a fun and colorful home program even if we are not only in a family circle but also let other families with children to ourselves. We can get other adults involved in these games, and they don’t have to do anything but be kids again – He writes to

New Year’s Eve around the world

It can be fun to search the net for countries Where due to the time lag, the new year arrived early and we can see from the news how they celebrate in a particular culture or city. This is interesting because kids can learn from it too, and on the other hand, we can roast it again from hour to hour in honor of the anniversary. We can start with New Zealand, then come to Australia, Japan, China, India, etc. This is how we can learn about traditions we wouldn’t even think of: Does anyone, for example, guess that everyone in Colombia comes and goes with a suitcase on New Year’s Eve because they hope to travel a lot this year?

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Let’s move together!

Let’s turn our living room into a cinema just for this evening! Put pillows on top of each other, create comfortable seating with blankets, Order some delicious food, and buy a pile of popcorn and nachos. After that, all we have to do is choose the films that we watched and liked a lot this year, or that we wanted to watch, but that were not the case. If not, let’s go through the old movies, we are sure to find 3-4 things the whole family will love to watch. It can also add to the experience if the kids are making movie tickets themselves.

We can turn our living room into a cozy cinema (Photo: Shutterstock)

Let’s invent our own family tradition!

We don’t have to think about any bulky and expensive things. It is enough a few things that children will tell their children about, and they will do everything the same way. It could be a joint song or family dance of their own, or just a tradition of family members remembering the funniest or most important events of the year together on the last day of the year. It also helps to get everyone back the photos on their phone and in such cases it can often turn out that others may not even know about the other.

Even the youngest can browse their phones to see a picture that will surprise even parents Photo: Shutterstock

Even the little ones can browse their phones to see if they can find an image that will surprise even their parents (Photo: Shutterstock)

Let’s make a wish list!

All it takes is a vase, bowl or something else we can throw sticky paper into, plus pen and paper. Cut out small pieces of paper on which everyone writes their wish list for the coming year. The important condition is that these are not objects but Programs you want to attend or places you want to go. Everyone puts it in this jar, and at the beginning of every week of the year a family member can take one out, and the weekend program is already ready!

You can also add food coloring to non-alcoholic drinks. Image: GettyImages

You can even add food coloring to non-alcoholic drinks (Photo: GettyImages)

Open the bar in the living room!

Kids love to do things for adults, so they will also enjoy making cocktails a lot. Prepare them the raw materials and decorations for this, and then leave the final result to their imagination. These can be juices, but also different variations of hot chocolate. For these, we can buy colorful cake pops, glaze education kits, mini cocktail umbrellas, or even glaze, which can be used to tint the glasses. The good news for adults is that they can smuggle a little alcohol into colorful drinks for themselves.

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