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Coast processors are on fire again because of artificial intelligence!

Coast processors are on fire again because of artificial intelligence!

The owners of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) were already up to their necks in August, when AI work appeared in one of their books, and then swore that no more AI would be used in the books and source materials. .

In January, Magic: The Gathering (also Wizards of the Coast) was released [WotC] has) posted an AI-generated artistic image, even though the company said it wasn't created with the help of AI, then claimed otherwise and admitted it was a mistake. “D&D has 50 years of content that we can draw from,” Chris Cox, CEO of Hasbro, which owns WotC, told VentureBeat at the Dice Awards. “We've created literally thousands of adventures, and probably tens of millions of words that we can use.” The Gathering has been around for 35 years, and we have over 15,000 cards to use for something like this.

WotC is now looking for “principal AI engineer” on its website, meaning the company is once again pursuing AI. SpicyEncounters, one of the former D&D creators, tweeted that they are overhauling their game, expanding its horizons, and making it popular, but it seems like WotC can't or won't stop replacing creators with bots. Nala Wu, a freelance art director and illustrator, has repeatedly defended WotC, whose art directors have repeatedly said such a thing would never happen, and this is a slap in the face.

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WotC told ComicBook that its starting point for AI hasn't changed because it's a business pitch for future gaming projects, and the company's Q&A states that artists, writers, and creators working with D&D or Magic the Gathering are not allowed to use content creation AI tools to create products. final use of it. The company expects the Lead AI Engineer to design, build and implement intelligent generation systems for dialogue, sounds, art assets, NPC behaviors and real-time bot frameworks, and monitor AI-related developments (2D and 3D content creation). , sound generation).

So card games can't have AI, but games can? It's as if WotC is playing to both goals.

source: PCGamer

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