CNN Reporter Refers To Zeta Phi Beta Sorority As Gang Members

CNN’s Erin Burnett mistake members of a historically African American sorority for gang members and we are not pleased.

The Out Front host misidentified sorority sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, the prestigious Divine 9 organization that wore its traditional blue to a town hall meeting held in Baltimore. Presumably, she thought they were Crips.

Via Hip Hop Wired: On Tuesday, as members of Zeta Phi Beta sat with poise at a Baltimore Town Hall, CNN anchor Erin Burnett made the grave mistake of assuming the women to be said Crips gang members.

“You’ve got the gang members right there,” said the careless reporter before her segment was cut.

As a reporter on a major network, it is your journalistic duty to not only verify what you are saying is correct but to also be aware about the culture and people on which she is reporting.

See the video below. Thoughts?



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