Some of My Closest Friends Are Black: A Guide

If you’re here, you probably are close (or at least you think you are) with an African-American counterpart. As a result, here are some things that you should not attempt (no matter who allowed you to do it in the past.

-We Don’t Play About Our Food

That’s self-explanatory. Don’ touch, get too close, ask for none of, or stare at our plates. It may result in violence. This goes for our drinks too.

The N Word

You can’t say it. End of discussion. Don’t bring up your homeboy from elementary who let you say it

…because this ain’t that.

Be Yourself

We are very aware that you are not black. It is obvious. Please don’t try extra hard to use Ebonics, slang, or relate to things you really can’t. In any environment, being yourself literally always is the best option. You will be respected more for being who you are despite trying too hard to fit in. We can tell when it’s forced.

-Take Notes

Wypipo love black food, parties, gathering, hair weaves, etc. When you are with your friend and her granny gets to telling recipes, take notes! This is your chance to have a bit of Black-ish to take home and be the show-off you’ve been waiting on. Don’t be a colonizer and not credit your source, or act like you just had an epiphany of how to make Peach Cobbler the right way.

Save the Bragging

When I’m complaining about being up to my neck in bills, the last thing I want to hear is how your mother bought you a BMW with matching Vans yesterday because you got a C in Biology. It’s not that we are jealous, we are happy about your new car, but not right now bud.


We know, we know, “some of your closest friends are black” and you’ve probably been doing these things without any backlash at all. Mainly because black people already have the stereotype of being angry for no reason at all with white people so we let you slide. Respect the boundaries, they are there, you are just ignoring them; which is essentially appropriation….we hate that.

Don’t be Katy Perry.

The best thing to do is just be yourself. One Love.

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