Closed Australia will open from November

Australia will cautiously open its doors from next month, and once 80 per cent of the population is vaccinated, the state will begin lifting its international travel ban. Australia has introduced very strict border rules since March 2020, which politicians have been very proud of, but the measure has also been met with a great deal of criticism.

Pride or nightmare?

Australian politicians have pointed to low Covid numbers, but as a shocking article for the BBC In his video As can be seen, some have been reminded of North Korea by the Australian bureaucratic nightmare. The American couple who spoke in the video had been vaccinated, which consistently resulted in negative tests for their applications, but due to Queensland bureaucratic rules, they were unable to visit the father-in-law, who was dying in Australia.

In fact, one of the world’s least populated countries has introduced stricter rules than Taiwan, Singapore or Hong Kong, which use disciplined and appropriate IT solutions (contact tracing), and achieved similar results with more humane rules.

to restore people’s lives

Australia was shut down anyway, and much of the Australian population was stuck in the island nation. Some very important business trips were an exception (Australian athletes also participated in the Olympics), and if a dying Australian citizen’s relative is abroad, he or she can visit.

Australia has now announced that it will reopen its international borders from November.

‘It’s time to bring Australians back to life’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

With the first relaxation period, Australia will not yet be open to foreigners, but the government has also said it is working to bring tourists back to the Australian coast as well. Quarantine rules will also be relaxed, replacing the 14-day hotel quarantine required so far and the 7-day home quarantine for vaccines. However, according to the article, Queensland (Brisbane and the surrounding area) is still threatening to keep its borders closed under its own provincial rules until the vaccination rate rises.

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of patience

Australia was already very good at escaping from Covid, especially when the epidemic broke out, and this method of isolation was very effective, but not everyone felt that a year and a half of isolation was justified. In September of this year, when the country’s largest cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra were put under total bribery, violent protests erupted as well.

Australia is a really controversial place. Although it is one of the most open countries in the world, both spiritually and socially, it is notorious for its aloofness, embarrassingly eager to obtain animals and food in order to protect its wildlife (it seems entirely justified), and its immigration rules are inhumane Extremely .

A similar paradox is that although the country is climate conscious anyway, and such statements consistently rank among the most liveable places in the world, a frequent criticism is that the rest of the world is less sympathetic, perhaps surprising, but true. charcoal product and user in the world.

Despite its large population, China is far ahead in terms of overall production numbers, large “coal” countries such as the United States, Russia, Poland or Germany, despite their much larger populations, pollute the world with less carbon compared to by Australians.

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