Climate polluters are the biggest supporters of winter sports

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2023-03-01 20:45:00

It is ironic that winter sports are sponsored by companies responsible for warming, and therefore fewer days and snowy slopes – reads the latest report by campaign group Badv Advertising (Bad Advertising) and think tank New Weather Sweden. They found that at least a hundred events, organizations and athletes are sponsored by fossil fuel companies, automakers and airlines. It’s like winter sports put nails in their coffin, said an Olympic champion.

The makers of the report found 83 contracts related to car manufacturers. Audi sponsors the International Ski and Snowboard Association, and nearly 90 percent of the factory cars were powered by petrol and diesel in 2021. They found 12 contracts that could be linked to companies that produce and use fossil fuels, including Gazprom, Equinor and five airlines such as British Airways and SAS.

It is known that there is little snow in the Alps this winter. According to recent research, the number of snowy days is now 36 days shorter than the long-term average, and the size of the snowy regions in the Northern Hemisphere is currently 90,000 square kilometers smaller. The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing had to be held almost entirely on artificial snow. Top skiers called on the International Skating Union to organize the competition more rationally, and this year the guys had to move twice between North America and Europe.

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