Claudia of Lipta had dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio

Claudia of Lipta had dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio

However, not at the company table, the place was just the same.

The presenter talked about his trip to New York a few years ago on 95.8 Sláger FM, which ended with an additional experience.

We were after a bigger purchase. We were looking for a restaurant where we could have dinner. We also found a small, secluded spot with a silver horse at the door. We didn’t even care what this place was, we just walked in. They looked at us very strangely with many small bags in our hands, but we immediately asked for an empty table. They quickly brought us into the coat room, asked us to put everything on the floor, and then got us a table. As soon as we sat down I noticed that the door to the small banquet room was open in front of me. I immediately noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio and his company were having dinner there

He said Claudia clips, who later found out that it was really frustrating that they were given a place in the restaurant at all.

It turned out that we had strayed to the Cipriani restaurant, where it was about a year to get to the table. On the other hand, we were so determined – especially that we had no idea which famous restaurant we got lost in – that they had a table for us. It was a complete and wonderful experience.

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