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Civil society cooperation to open the kindergarten

Civil society cooperation to open the kindergarten

Now, in the final stages of the construction process, civil society is coming together again to help with the final touches and the process of moving the kindergarten. The local members of Szeretem Polgárdit Egyesület, especially the association’s founder, who is also the town’s mayor, now address the townspeople not in their official roles, but simply as parents and neighbours.

When it comes to our children and their future, we do it all. I believe, not only as a leader of the city, but as a father, as a member of the community, that the time has come when we can once again show the strength that lies within us – Laszlo Nikos told

Building the new kindergarten and nursery school was a long, bumpy and challenging road, but we never gave up. Now that the building is standing, we need your help one last time. This place is not just walls and floors. It will be a place where our children’s smiles fill the air, curiosity and learning surround them.

The new kindergarten will be the responsibility and pride of the entire community. That is why the mayor of the city – now in his paternal capacity – turned to civil society to engage together in the final business, the final step.

I know everyone has so much to do, and our time is more precious than ever. But if they can help even a little bit, if they can add an afternoon or an hour or even just a smile to that volunteering, then we’re really taking a big step forward. Cleaning, packing, furnishing – every little job has its own big needs. After all, with all the work we do, we work to ensure that our children grow up in a happy and safe environment.

Szeretem Polgárdit Egyesület also shared their call for collaboration in a short video, in which they tell us about our plans and what works are needed. Details can be found on their website.

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