The once popular small sedans may be replaced by an off-road coupe type with a swept tail but high body – for example, the Citroën Basalt, which, like the volcanic rock indicated in its name, wants to succeed as a solid and timeless model in the B-SUV segment .

The C4 It is a five-door model, while the rear window of the C4

Citroën doesn't burden us with extra details – engine choice, digital content, exterior and interior dimensions. Maybe it's better this way, because the Citroën Basalt will be available in India and South America, i.e. newly discovered developing markets for Citroën.

Citroën 9 designed a volcanic car

However, let's not forget that the ë-C3 also debuted in the Third World, and then arrived in Europe, so it's just a matter of intent whether we'll get an urban off-road coupe. Incidentally, the ë-C3 is a relevant reference point only because the Basalt rear roof pillar is decorated with the same color accessory found on the Urban Electric model.