Citizens of Australia and New Zealand enjoy freedom of travel between the two countries

a On Twitter I mentioned that Doctor. Eric Figel Deng An epidemiologist that, thanks to the proper management of the epidemic, free travel can start from April 19 Australia And New Zealand Between the two countries after the opening of the so-called ‘Crown bubble’.

There is currently no need for quarantine in any country, as Australia and New Zealand have also introduced drastic measures in the wake of the #ZeroCovid strategy.

And recently, last week, we wrote about New Zealand being so good at managing epidemics that the Copa Duba Free Music Festival was held in March with tens of thousands of spectators attending.

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (Photo: Getty Images)

The epidemiologist indicated that the opening of the so-called Trans-Tasmanian bubble was not possible through the geographical location of the two island states from the rest of the world. Dr. Feigl Ding points out that more smart epidemiological measures are the result of early openness. He cited Vietnam as an example, which is not an island country, but for some time no infection with the Coronavirus was reported from the region.

More news about the coronavirus epidemic:

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