Chrome brought 91 apt innovations

Chrome brought 91 apt innovations

And on Android, factory controls for websites have also been beautified.

For computers and Android devices running quietly, Chrome 91, although it may take days for the latter to be available in waves, before the Play Store actually offers the update.

Google Chrome 91Source: Origo

Computer Chrome 91 brought two major innovations. Most importantly, the search menu between recently opened and recently closed browser tabs in the address bar is now universally available, as shown in the image above. Another useful thing is that files on your computer can actually be pasted into webpage fields using the CTRL + C / CTRL + V method, and you don’t have to drag and drop them into the browser window.

On computers, you can check to see if your browser is running the latest version from Main Menu → Help → About Google Chrome. Installation kit a From the official website Can be downloaded.

To the left are the old Android controls, and to the right are the new onesSource: Google

Chrome 91 for Android also received some important improvements: simplified features such as checkboxes and sliders, web pages can reduce their energy consumption, search web page content more efficiently, and improved automatic completion of 2-step verification codes via SMS.

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