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Christmas plants – do you know how to take care of them?

Christmas plants – do you know how to take care of them?

What plants come to mind when you hear the word Christmas? What do they symbolize and what do we need to know about their patronage?

We associate different plants with different holidays. As we think of red roses on Valentine’s Day and bulbous spring flowers on Easter, for christmas It also has its own distinctive flora. They were placed there not only because of their decorative qualities, but also because of their meaning festive atmosphere in creation.

Pine tree

Setting up a Christmas tree is a Christian tradition, but respect for evergreens goes back much earlier than that. the Pine Evergreen sofas It symbolizes eternal life and survival. We can choose from several types, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

popular”Christmas tree typesincludes Fir tree, silver fir, Nordman fir and Douglas fir. Pine trees decorated as Christmas trees began their conquest from the German-Roman Empire in the 16th century. At first, the decorative items were of course more natural things, like apples, nuts, chips, and honey cake.

As an evergreen plant, the pine tree symbolizes eternal life and permanence – Image: Shutterstock


White mistletoe is a parasitic plant that absorbs the nutrients it needs from the bark of trees. It can settle on several types of trees, such as apple trees, pines, oaks and poplars. They were originally used as Christmas decorations in Anglo-Saxon countries, and from there this custom spread to other parts of the world. The origin of the kiss under the mistletoe can be linked to Scandinavian mythology. in Christianity Mistletoe is a symbol of peace.

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The mistletoe is a symbol of peace in Christianity – Image: Pixabay


The bright red fruits and deep green leaves of this shrub instantly put us in a festive mood. This plant was also used by people in ancient times It was considered a symbol of eternal life and even fertility. They thought so Placing it in the house, it protects the people who live there and brings good luck.

Planted in our garden, we can create the festive atmosphere of the autumn months, and being an evergreen shrub, it will be a beautiful decoration for the garden all year round. In winter, you can use its branches for decoration, and birds love its fruits. In May, it pleases us with white flowers.

The growth of the shrub is slow, but it lives for a long time, up to 100 years or more. Care is simple. It resists pruning well, so it can also be installed as a hedge. It is a winter hardy plant, but cover young stems with fallen leaves or mulch in winter.


Jerusalem is a symbol of eternal life and fertility – Image: Shutterstock


It is one of the popular and symbolic houseplants of the Christmas season. This popularity is due to its red or pink flower motifs, or perhaps the white flower. The inflorescence is located in the middle between the decorative leaves, not very conspicuous, small and yellow. However, when buying we must take into account the condition of these real flowers, because it is important that they are still in their infancy.

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Poinsettias require a lot of attention and care to stay beautiful and bloom again next winter. In winter, in a warm, heated apartment, the plant dries quickly and sheds its leaves. It should be watered with hard water, it loves high humidity, and it should be watered once a week with nutrient solution water. Usually, at the beginning of February, the plant begins to drop its leaves, at which time it must be cut in half and the watering and nutrient solutions reduced. The plant needs rest, so to speak. In the summer it is necessary to water and feed again, and the first shoots are cut in half again.


The poinsettia is one of the popular and symbolic houseplants of the Christmas season – Photo:

the Christmas cactus

At Christmas, this plant is decorated in a holiday-worthy fashion, as its beautiful bell-like flowers open at that time. It also got its name from there. Its flowers can be in various shades of white, golden yellow, orange, pink, purple and red. However, this miracle can only be experienced year after year by those who take care of their houseplants with sufficient care.

First of all, he does not like dry air, so the humidity in the cactus environment must be increased in some way. They require light, so keep them in a bright room all year long, but not somewhere with direct sunlight. In late autumn, before flowering, you need 12 hours of complete darkness, as this begins the formation of buds. After the flowers open, the aloe vera can be moved to a warmer and brighter room. After flowering, there is a rest period, the best place for which is a bright but cool place.

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Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus decorated for the Christmas holidays – Image: Shutterstock

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