Christmas party video filmed during lockdown is crowded

Christmas party video filmed during lockdown is crowded

A leaked video shakes the mood in the UK. On the recording, British Prime Minister’s office staff joked about their Christmas party last year, which they may have held at the time of the strictest lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized and promised an investigation, but it is not yet known whether there was really such a party last year. Also in Finland, the prime minister was forced to explain who went to the pub to have fun despite meeting a previously infected colleague, he told M1 News.

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Britain’s ITV News has leaked a joking video in which former Prime Minister’s spokesman Allegra Stratton played a press conference with senior government officials.

Funny someone asked if there was actually a Christmas party in 10 Downing Street.

– „what is the answer?asked the speaker, and in the background they laughed and said that there was no party, only cheese and wine.

– „It’s okay with wine and cheese, because it was just a business meetingThe speaker laughed, then added that no safety distance was kept in the imagined business meeting.

The leaked video upset the mood because before Christmas last year, the British government ordered the highest levels of pandemic preparedness in the capital, London, and parts of the country.

Nightclubs, hotels and restaurants were closed, people who did not live in the same house were not allowed to hold gatherings, and Christmas parties were missed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in Parliament an investigation into the leaked video after he asked the opposition leader why they had deceived the entire country while government officials did not comply with the restrictive measures and were celebrating Christmas.

I apologize for appearing that Downing Street employees did not respect the restrictions. I find everything disgusting and I’m so angry

British Prime Minister said.

He added that his staff assured him that there was no Christmas party in the Prime Minister’s office last year and that his staff did not violate the measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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On the other hand, several British newspapers, citing government sources writing, quoted the fact that such a gathering was held in Downing Street before Christmas despite the restrictions at that time. Although the police announced it

In the absence of facts to investigate the matter, the former spokesperson in the video, Allegra Stratton, who had been an advisor to Boris Johnson for some time, resigned.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin also had to explain because she spent Saturday night in a bar in Helsinki even though she had met in person with the foreign minister, who tested positive for coronavirus.

The Prime Minister also received two notices on his private phone and that he should avoid the company. And since he did not take this apparatus with him to the bar, one of his foreign ministers invited him to report the sentences to the prime minister, who nevertheless remained in the bar.

The Finnish opposition accused the prime minister of irresponsibility, who has since admitted that despite receiving the two vaccinations, he could have been more cautious.

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