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Chosen One: Marc Tamas is ready for the qualifiers

Chosen One: Marc Tamas is ready for the qualifiers

The hard work paid off, admitted the 27-year-old midfielder, who can’t wait to don the crowning jersey.


Tamas Mark could debut for the national team (Image: Getty Images)

– How was the sushi?

He replied, “Very tasty.” Tamas Mark, the defender of Slask Wroclaw, who can prepare as a starter in the World Cup qualifiers against England, Albania and Andorra. – When it turned out in the locker room that I had been invited to the Hungarian national team, the comrades jogged with joy, and then reminded me that this is definitely an obligation. Immediately the text came that whoever is counted for the first time in his national team should pay for lunch – on my part, of course, there was no hindrance. Moreover, I was happier to be able to place the order, though, before that I consulted with the coach about the menu, as I had to make sure that there was as much healthy food as possible on the table. I heard great news on Wednesday morning, I had already arranged the workshop on Thursday, because I was with him it is better to bypass it as soon as possible. Not to mention they deserve so much, because I can thank them for the trust of Marco Rossi.

Business card
Tamos brand
Boy: October 28, 1993, Sixfervar
Location: protector
Note: First Match / Goals: 153/4
Clubs: Mol Wehrvar (2012-2013), Puskas Academy (2013-2015), dioscure (2015-2020), Slack Wroclaw (2020–)

– To whom, why?
– It is worth going back to the fact that I signed in Poland in February 2010. I joined a great team, quickly improved the tempo, and only missed a match through injury or disqualification. I knew all along that this hard work paid off, so I put a lot of jobs in football. I fell in an excellent environment, and I do not miss the opportunity to play, thanks to the fourth place in the previous season, we also competed on the international stage, and I am very proud of the goal to beat Estonian Paide. If I go back to the events of the last year and a half, I can say that the invitation is the result of a long process. Captain Fed judged if I deserve a chance, it’s up to me now if I live with it. When I was called up by the Hungarian Football Association to be a member of the narrow frame, suddenly I didn’t even know what to say on the phone. “Jesus!” and “Lord God!” – If I remember correctly, it came out of me. It still doesn’t make sense that what she fought for so much has been achieved. I’m sure I can add something as well so we can do well in the next three games. Oh God, but it’s good to talk about plural in the first place!

– Compared with the fact that last Sunday he withdrew from the third division in the match Slask II – Lech Poznan II, he can now prepare against the English silver medalists at the European Championship …
– She asked to play in reserve. I was shown against Krakow, banned from four advanced meetings, but I wanted to take every opportunity to advance on the field. I don’t care if this is just a third game in the league. On the one hand, it was important that I not only train for weeks, and on the other hand, I was with him, and it was up to me for what I would get from the 90 minutes. The standard is not the same, but the amount of running can be put into a third-class match as well as a first-class match, plus I have another in my leg. But we considered the ban on the four engagements too disproportionate, and we filed an appeal, but our request was not heard. I still have to miss Sunday’s game, Lubini, but there’s a good side to this: After Saturday’s workout, I can get in the car and go home to be there at Tilqui on Sunday when it kicks in.

– There will be familiar faces, right?

– Not one! Of course, whoever I need to introduce myself is, but I know most of the frame, someone was my teammate, another opponent. We are the same age as Ádám Lang, we played together in the age group, Attila Fiola was my club partner at Puskás Academy, I also know Roland Sallai and László Kleinheisler from Felcsút. My dear friend Scholes now that it’s official that I was a member of The Frame, congratulations.

Didn’t you give your shirt number?

“Unfortunately not, I’m afraid I’m waiting in vain.” Although I play in Wroclaw at fifteen, he grew up in my heart as well, no matter how good we were, he hardly gave up. Ok, but just wear it loose, the point is to perform as before. I will see what to choose from. The point is not on the back of the shirt, but at the beginning – the main thing for me is that the Hungarian coat of arms adorns it.

“Have you thought about wearing it for the first time in your career?”
– Nana, I thought about it! What I have only dared to dream about so far, I hope will come true soon. Whether I have one minute or ninety minutes, I will do my best to be worthy of more trust. The most important thing, of course, is to collect as many points as possible and keep our chances of progressing.

“Marco Rossi told us, he’s been following you for a long time.” Do you know about it?
“He really indicated that he was thinking about it, which also gave him extra motivation.” I used to be a member of the wide frame four or five times, but never had room in the narrow one. It saddened me a little, but at the same time encouraged me to put another shovel on it. I sacredly believed that what fate would lose once would return. See, that’s how it happened.

“According to the federal captain, now is the time to join the team.” Do you think so?
– Yes! You are not afraid of me, I feel ready to be a national team!

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