Chinese state media censored and silenced Chloe Zhao's victory

Chinese state media censored and silenced Chloe Zhao’s victory

China censored live broadcasts of the Oscars Monday night, fearing that if a Chinese-born director who lives in America wins, he might misrepresent China in his speech of thanks.

In the background there is an article from eight years ago. Chow in 2013 a director He gave an interview to a magazine. “China is a place where there are lies everywhere,” he said. An excerpt from the interview appeared on Chinese social media a few days before the Oscars. Zhao then accused “desecrating China” and called on some users to boycott the movie “Nomad Land”.

Every human being is good by nature:

Chloe Zhao not only won, but she made history, as she was the first Asian director to deserve a small statue and not to desecrate China in a letter of thanks, in fact … she said that they have a favorite game with her father. Learn poems, stories and texts. The game was that one of them started the quote and the other had to end. The story of the three characters occupies a special place in young Chloe’s heart. He took his first streak with the Oscar statue in the director’s hand. “Every human being is good by nature.”

State media listen to:

The Chinese state media was silent about the success, but news of the 39-year-old director’s victory spread online. By 8 a.m. local time, over a million had already commented on Chloe Chow’s win on the Weibo microblogging site. To the south, all entries related to Oscar were removed from the site, and only one sentence was read everywhere: “According to applicable laws, regulations and policies, the site cannot be found.”

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