Chinese space rocket can avoid Hungary

If the predictions are correct, then we can rest assured that the Chinese missile that transported the first parts of the Harmony Celestial Space Station will not collide in space in Hungary.

An unmanned missile called Long March 5B was launched from the Chinese province of Hainan on April 29 and has been orbiting the Earth ever since, getting closer and closer to the planet’s surface. This is where it goes Online It can also be followed. It will be possible to pinpoint where it fell more precisely, about six hours before it reaches the ground.

The shotPhoto: Jo Xinhua / Xinhua via AFP

a Quoted from the BBC Recent forecasts are that it will drop to 41.5 on Sunday morning. North and 41.5. Southern latitude. This includes Australia, Africa, South Asia, most of South America, part of Central America and the United States, and part of the Mediterranean.

During the fall, most of the rocket would probably suffice, but since it’s such a large piece of iron, experts say it’s easy to imagine some of its elements staying together. Hopefully it will fall into the ocean where it won’t cause any harm.

The independent Hungarian press did not face such a difficult task that it faced during the pandemic.

The government does not allow journalists near healthcare facilities, nor does it share most basic information about the epidemic with the public. The public media and other propaganda channels are doing their best to mask the real situation.

Despite the obstacles placed before us on the number 444, we can show how the epidemic is spreading in Hungary and in the world. Millions get information from charts and graphs that display accurate numbers and current trends.

The pandemic data page, which it collects, has assumed the role of public service media in recent months. By doing this, we not only inform our readers, but also help them stay healthy and keep loved ones healthy.


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