Chinese President: The fate of the world depends on how to settle relations between China and the United States

Chinese President: The fate of the world depends on how to settle relations between China and the United States

Joe Biden The US president spoke by phone with his Chinese counterpart on Thursday, With Hsi Chin Bing, the phone call initiated by Biden, MTI writes.

The directors engaged in wide-ranging strategic consultations, addressing issues in which their interests were similar and those they dealt with differently.

The White House call stated that they also hoped that Washington and Beijing could work together on issues of mutual concern, including climate change and the situation on the Korean peninsula.

A senior US official told reporters that the tone of the 90-minute conversation was sincere and friendly. However, Beijing has indicated that it expects the Biden administration to abandon gestures that the Chinese side sees as interfering in the internal affairs of the communist country.

Regarding the conversation, Chinese state television CCTV reported that Xixing indicated to Biden that Washington’s attitude toward Beijing is causing serious difficulties for China.

The future and fate of the world depends on how relations between China and the United States are settled. This is a question of the century that both countries must answer

And the TV quoted Shen Qinping as saying.

Shortly before the phone conversation, a senior White House official, who requested anonymity, said Biden had made clear he had no intention of giving up pressure on Beijing on human rights, trade and other issues that the president said China had not. In line with international law.

last week Fang Ji The Chinese Foreign Minister warned those who visit China John Kerry The US special envoy for climate change said the deterioration in bilateral relations could harm cooperation between the two countries in combating climate change. Noting that climate cooperation is inseparable from public relations and policy discussions, the foreign minister called on the United States to make efforts to improve the relationship.

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Since taking office, Biden has sought to pay more attention to China and has also sought to draw the attention of US allies to the human rights situation in China, as well as the Asian country’s business practices and the Chinese military’s operations in the Pacific.

At the same time, Biden expressed the hope that his long-term working relationship with his partner in the Chinese office, which dates back to his deputy during the Obama administration, will have a positive impact on relations between the two countries.

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