Chinese military exercises over – normalization of relations between the two countries

The Chinese military said on Wednesday that

After about a week of training, he “successfully carried out” various planned military operations around Taiwan.

The Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army is an official command Weibo And it announced in its account that its forces are monitoring changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait, conducting regular patrols and continuing military training to be ready for combat.

Meanwhile, China and Great Britain have also agreed to resume direct passenger flights between them – announce The British Embassy in China on Wednesday.

Direct flights will initially be provided by China Airlines, and the resumption of British Airways flights is still in progress. China suspended flights to and from Britain indefinitely at the end of 2020 due to fears of a new strain of coronavirus emerging.

More work is needed to restore relations between Canberra and Beijing

Tell The Chinese ambassador to Australia added, on Wednesday, that the two countries have not yet reached the stage of settling political and trade differences.

China, Australia’s largest trading partner, imposed sanctions on products such as coal, wine and seafood after Australia called for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 and imposed a 5G ban on telecom giant Huawei. Ambassador Xiaoqian said there has been no meeting between the leaders of the two countries in recent years because Beijing believes that a face-to-face meeting could exacerbate the strained relations.

The foreign ministers of the two countries met for the first time in three years last monthIn the framework of the Group of Twenty meeting held in Bali. Although communication between ministers

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We are not yet at the point of discussing how to resolve these concrete, political and commercial issues

Xiao added.

According to him, this “It was just a good start and there is a lot that needs to be done to actually restore the relationship“.

Xiao also emphasized,

Australia should not misinterpret the “one China” policy. There is no room for compromise on the Taiwan issue.

Cover photo: Meeting between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 2017. Brendon Thorne / Bloomberg via Getty Images

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