Chinese military exercises in Taiwan continue to test precision strikes

According to Taipei, the maneuvers threaten the stability and security of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Chinese army’s three-day military exercise in the Taiwan Strait continued on Sunday. Beijing began the exercises shortly after Taiwan’s president held talks with the leader of the US House of Representatives in the United States. Chinese forces also practiced precision strikes against targets on the island, according to MTI.

According to the Chinese military, the so-called joint sword operation – in which, among other things, the encirclement of Taiwan is practiced – will continue until Monday. As part of the military exercises, planes and ships have been sent to the sea areas and airspace of the Taiwan Strait to the north, south and east of the island.

Chinese media reported that it also practiced precision air strikes on specific targets on the island and in the surrounding waters on Sunday.

As part of the exercises, live-fire exercises will be held on Monday off the coast of China’s Fujian Province, opposite Taiwan. It added that as of Sunday noon, 58 Chinese aircraft, including Su-30 fighters and H-6 bombers, and nine ships had been spotted across Taiwan. Reuters.

According to Taipei, the maneuvers threaten the stability and security of the Asia-Pacific region. That is why the island’s defense authorities announced, on Sunday, that they are keeping the air defense on alert, but they do not want to escalate tensions.

Military exercises Kai Jingwen It began after a visit to the United States this week by the President of Taiwan, whom he met on Wednesday With Kevin McCarthy, as well as with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Beijing has threatened to take decisive and forceful measures in response.

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China – which treats Taiwan entirely as a part of it – has already declared several times that it views the growing rapprochement between the Taipei authorities and the United States in recent years. China says Washington provides significant military support to the island, although there are no official relations.

The United States is closely monitoring the development of military exercises, and the US embassy confirmed that US resources in the region are sufficient to ensure peace and stability.

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