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Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers are erupting like groundwater

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers are erupting like groundwater

Although September and autumn appear slowly, we still write August for a few more days. In other words, the second quarter of this year wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t get to see how EV sales in the wider world have evolved over that period.

From the series of data linked below, we can conclude that more than 2.15 million electric vehicles were sold around the world in the second quarter of 2023, which is an incredible number. Compared to the same period last year, the growth in this sector has reached 40 percent.

Tesla ranked first with its 466,000 delivered electric cars, which it deployed in global markets. That’s about 10 percent more cars than in the first quarter of 2023, so Tesla pulled in pretty aggressively and where is the end of the year? The situation has only been improved by the fact that Tesla has become almost 20 percent cheaper in some countries this year.

In second place is one of the Chinese giants, BYD. the knifepost according to The automaker sold more than 703,500 new electric vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles combined) in the second quarter, of which 352,000 were fully electric. The latter represents an increase of 95 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. BYD is constantly chasing Tesla for the number one spot, even in markets like Thailand or Australia. But there is also Sweden, where, for example, the Atto 3 SUV was the most popular electric car, ahead of Volkswagen, Tesla or even Volvo.

And in third place appeared a surprising player that many did not think about. The name of the company is GAC Aion, which has achieved this good rating in terms of sales of battery electric vehicles, which trendforce analysis company statement We can also read. They accounted for 6 percent of global sales.

According to the above data, the top three accounted for 43.9 percent of battery electric vehicle sales. Volkswagen comes in fourth with sales of 322,000 electric vehicles, which is enough to get a share of 4.7 percent. With the exception of Tesla, Chinese brands have taken the lead, so European automakers still have room for improvement!

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