Chinese Counter-Sanctions Against British Citizens and Legal Entities

Chinese Counter-Sanctions Against British Citizens and Legal Entities

The sanctions hit nine Britons and four legal entities of the Chinese Foreign Ministry The action is justified on the grounds that those involved are spreading “lies and misinformation” about Xinjiang.

Punishers or their family members They may not enter the Chinese territory and do business with Chinese companies.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab responded by accepting full solidarity With sanctioned individuals, the Chinese measure does not deter them or deter the British government from speaking out about human rights violations on an industrial scale in Xinjiang.

Boris Johnson had a similar view. According to the British Prime Minister The role of those banned from entering China is vital in highlighting violations and exercising their fundamental freedoms when they are brought to their attention.

Among those banned are British MPs. The Chinese action is a response The United Kingdom, along with other countries in addition to the European Union, has previously imposed sanctions on Chinese citizens for committing human rights violations in Xinjiang.

We have been provoked by the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union, and we are right to defend ourselves. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunjing said that our response is necessary, legitimate and just.

According to international advocacy organizations, more than a million people, most of them from the Uyghur minority, are being held in re-education camps in Xinjiang, in northwest China. Detainees also worked in factories and cotton fields by physical coercion.

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