Chinese-backed hackers spying on US military infrastructure

Hacking activity could disrupt communications between the US military and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region in the event of a conflict.

The Chinese state-backed hacker group has been spying on organizations that run America’s critical infrastructure, Five Eyes wrote in its statement, and has warned with Microsoft that similar incidents may occur around the world in the future. The Five Eyes is an organization that connects intelligence networks in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Five Eyes recently referred to the PRC-backed group known as Volt Typhoon, and Microsoft added that the brigade has been actively targeting critical infrastructure at the US military base on the Pacific island of Guam since mid-2021.

Chinese hackers are known to spy on Western countries, but this is one of the largest known cyber operations against critical US infrastructure to date, as the Volt Typhoon could disrupt the line of communication between the US and the Asian region in future crises.

the Watchman He writes that Five Eyes and Microsoft have warned: Volt Typhoon exploits network hardware during its attacks to infiltrate regular Windows systems.

the Reuters They asked the Chinese embassy in Washington, but did not respond to the news agency’s questions. Beijing regularly denies carrying out state-sponsored cyberattacks, but has consistently accused the United States of espionage.

Guam is home to US military installations that could be crucial in the event of any conflict in the Asia-Pacific region.

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