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Chinese authorities have charged dozens of people over a brutal attack on a restaurant

Chinese authorities have charged dozens of people over a brutal attack on a restaurant

Authorities have charged 28 people and detained eight police officers after a brutal attack on a group of women earlier this summer shocked China, sparking widespread outrage. CNN Reports.

Women eating in a restaurant in Tangsan have been attacked.


CNN – screenshot

In an attack on a barbecue restaurant in the northeastern city of Tangsan in the early hours of June 10, a group of men repeatedly beat and punched a woman and her three friends after she refused to approach one.
Surveillance footage of the attack – in which the woman was dragged by the hair, beaten with bottles and chairs and then repeatedly kicked in the head – has sparked outrage in China. Many demanded that the attackers be punished and that the police, who were accused of not responding in time, be held accountable.

On Monday, the People’s Procuratorate of Hubei Province – where Tangsan is located – announced in a statement that since the filing of the complaint in the case, proceedings have begun against 28 people, including the seven men suspected of participating in the attack. .

The 28 prosecutors have been charged with a series of crimes since 2012, including unlawful detention of others, assault, opening of casinos, and robbery.

Two women suffered “minor secondary injuries” and were discharged from hospital on July 1, while the other two sustained “minor injuries”, the prosecution said.

Meanwhile, the Commission for Discipline and Disciplinary Control of Hauppauge County said in a statement, today, Monday, that eight police officers and officers were arrested on suspicion of corruption and protecting the gang.

According to the statement, they are accused of abuse of power, violation of the law and bribery.

The authorities have also tried to dispel long-running rumors about the case: according to the Hopej Public Prosecutor’s Office, allegations that some women were sexually assaulted or hit by cars in the alley next to the restaurant were false.

After the attack, the police said in a brief statement that two women were taken to hospital and are in stable condition, while the other two sustained minor injuries.

In the days that followed, despite repeated denials by police and hospital officials, rumors persisted online that some of the victims were in much worse condition than authorities claimed.
Some say the attack was only partially captured by CCTV, which continued outside the camera’s field of view, but CNN could not independently confirm this.

Since the attack, neither the victims nor their friends and family members have spoken.

On Monday, the official CCTV channel released footage that it said showed one of the victims asking for an explanation of what happened in the alley.

We hit several men. After the beating, they told us not to call the police or ask anyone for help, or else they would kill us. Then they fled – said the woman who changed her voice and her identity was hidden. He denied that he was run over by any vehicle.
In the CCTV footage, a police officer who was involved in the investigation of the case also denied rumors of being beaten out of sight of the CCTV, adding that the suspects had been in the alley for 1 minute 41 seconds.

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