China’s virus-free regulations could remain in place for years to come

Upon hearing the news, the people of Beijing shivered, but the state’s reaction was lightning fast.

Communist Party officials have said mandatory inspections and travel restrictions will continue into the future, and the no-virus policy could remain in place for up to the next five years.

The text of the statement issued by the Beijing Secretary of the Communist Party of China is as follows:Over the next five years, Beijing will continue to carry out epidemic prevention and inspection operations“- This was reported by the Guardian.

Soon the news spread in the state media, where several newspapers acquired the text of the statement, and from it “for five years‘, but even the hashtag associated with it has been removed from Weibo, which basically corresponds to China’s tightly censored Facebook.

Measures regarding the coronavirus are still very strict in China, despite the fact that the rest of the world is now vulnerable to the virus.symbiosis“It has become acceptable. At the same time, President Xi Qingping expects that the economic balance will not be disturbed by the restrictions.

Civilians care deeply about unexpected regulations, and the original communication created additional uncertainty among the public. Meanwhile, China is now experiencing a respite, with authorities in Shanghai reporting over the weekend that for the first time since March, there has been no new disease.

Attendance training may also resume in Beijing, but the risk of sudden restrictions remains, with only a quarter of the city in Shenzhen closed in the previous week as the number of confirmed cases rose.

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