China responds to US President’s visit to Taiwan with military exercises and sanctions

Chinese state media has confirmed that the People’s Liberation Army will conduct live fire for three days starting tomorrow, so all ships and civilian aircraft are prohibited from entering the training areas.

China also suspended imports from 35 Taiwanese biscuit and cake exporters as a warning before Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Biscuits and cakes are important trade items between Taiwan and China, including Hong Kong.

In 2021, about two-thirds of Taiwan’s exports to China were biscuits and cakes, with a total value of $646 million, Taiwanese media reported. In 2020, the value was $660 million representing 37% of the total exports.

It is estimated that more than 100 Taiwanese companies will have to stop trading with China after the sanctions take effect.

In the person of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the most senior US official in 25 years is visiting Taiwan. This action by the United States caused huge waves in China, which had previously warned that it would not let the trip go unchallenged. According to analysts, the pressure on Xi Jinping is enormous, as the Chinese president, who is preparing for his third term, must show his strength.

Cover photo credit: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

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