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China planted a basalt flag on the moon

China planted a basalt flag on the moon

The flag was created using a special process.

On June 2, China's Chang-o-6 rover successfully landed on the far side of the Moon, and the robot has since left the celestial body with samples on board. The lander also raised a Chinese flag made of basalt on the surface

The flag weighs just 11.3 grams, measures 30 x 20 cm and is approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Chang-o-6's predecessor, Chang-o-5, has already delivered the flag, placing it on the side closest to Earth at the end of 2020.

Experts chose basalt because it is found in large quantities on the body.

The decision is in line with China's lunar sustainability goals.

Cao JinyangFrom Wuhan Textile University, they had to evaluate how the material could be used as an inorganic fibre. Yunlei WangThe institution's specialist added: The printing and dyeing process required a special method, as the materials used were specially developed so that the science could withstand harsh conditions.

Because basalt is as soft and brittle as an inorganic fiber, it is difficult to squeeze and dye permanently. Meanwhile, its positive side is that it is well insulated and resistant to radiation.

The final version was finally created from a composite material, with basalt making up about 62 percent of the entire flag. The collected basalt was first crushed into small pieces, and then ultrafine fibers were made from it. From these threads are formed filaments, which are then used to create materials that can be woven and printed. The material was then strengthened using special physical and chemical methods, and finally the flag was manufactured by laser cutting, cutting and stitching.

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