China is building two nuclear reactors capable of producing plutonium

China is building two nuclear reactors capable of producing plutonium

Two nuclear reactors currently under construction off the coast of China are cause for concern: the two power plants are surrounded by great secrecy, and each is capable of producing more nuclear fuel than it is used in, and this additional fuel can even be used in the island, the island said. IFL Science. The power plants under construction on Changpiao Island will be put into operation in 2023 and 2026.

The additional plutonium produced by power plants can be used to make nuclear weapons.

Buildings similar to China Fast Reactor Type Rapid Culture 600 (CFR-600) proliferated in the 1960s and 1970s, but most have since closed. Today, there are only four in operation in the world: two in Russia and one each in India and Japan.

While most nuclear reactors are cooled using water (this is how the Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant Paks works), in fast culture reactors this process is done using liquid sodium. They are able to recover close to 100 percent of the fuel, but in return they have a much greater chance of a dangerous sodium leak.

CFR-600 will produce plutonium, which can be used in other power plants but is also suitable for producing nuclear warheads. China currently has around 300-350 nuclear weapons at present, but if plutonium and other available resources from power plants are also used for this purpose, by 2030, up to 1,270 new warheads could be manufactured in the country.

Main picture: Illustration, assembly of the Fangchenggang reactor.

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