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China has described the allegations of Microsoft Exchange attacks as defamation

China has described the allegations of Microsoft Exchange attacks as defamation

Beijing has described the accusation of the United States, NATO and the European Union of a series of cyber attacks against Microsoft Exchange servers ordered by the Chinese leadership as defamation.

Zhao LichenA spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said at a press conference on Tuesday that the western campaign is entirely politically motivated, related to China’s demise and pressure on it. Washington did not find sufficient evidence of the “slander.” to support him.”

The case of a cyber attack on Microsoft Exchange servers broke out in March: experts say that the cyber attack allowed hackers to gain access to global computer networks through the servers. It is estimated that the attack affected more than a quarter of a million servers and at least thirty thousand institutions, businesses, and local governments around the world.

Joe Biden The US President on Monday accused Chinese authorities of protecting and even encouraging the perpetrators of cyber-attacks. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Britain and the European Union also responded in a statement on Monday to the hack of Microsoft Exchange servers.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Kato Kakunobu A Japanese government spokesperson said Japanese companies have also been targeted in cyber attacks by a group of cybercriminals known as ‘APT 40’, linked to China’s Ministry of State Security in allegations on Monday.

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