China and the United States continue talks on maritime safety last year

China has repeatedly called on the United States to stop operating ships and aircraft in the South China Sea because it considers this a “security risk”.

The trial, which was originally scheduled to take place last year, failed, but the original reason is still unknown, with the United States saying that China did not attend the meeting, while China alleges that the Americans made a mistake.

However, negotiations resumed in early December, although it all began with China calling on the United States to end its activities in Chinese waters.

A Chinese military spokesman put it more specifically that China called on the US not to send more ships and aircraft into the South China Sea because it is “a source of aviation and maritime security risks”.

a South China Morning Newspaper It reported that the Chinese Navy held a three-day virtual meeting between Dec. 15-17 with representatives of the US Indo-Pacific Command, the US Pacific Fleet, and the US Pacific Air Force.

The Maritime-Military Consultation Agreement between the two sides serves the purpose of enhancing maritime security and reducing security risks between US and Chinese forces, particularly in the South China Sea. By the way, the militaries of the two sides have held this meeting regularly since 1988, but last year it was too late.

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