Chef VIP: Greek Zeta could have cut her finger off, Zee spoke on the spot (video)

Chef VIP: Greek Zeta could have cut her finger off, Zee spoke on the spot (video)

Zita Greek wasn’t always nervous, she also had many good and hilarious moments during the last broadcast, and at the end of it she almost dropped out of school.

The Greek Zeta needs to be on high alert as she is receiving more and more signals that she will not have more chances if she performs worse again. Once this week, he can only avoid the danger zone and then Shortly thereafter, he found himself there.

This step did not come for him, the cooks often thought about whether to send it. In the end, he got another chance that he would have to take advantage of because there probably wouldn’t be any other such opportunities.

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Recently, stars have been making Asian food, but they didn’t know or saw all the ingredients before, but they hadn’t worked with it before. After the fires were extinguished, Jenő helped Rácz again and signaled to the star that no saw was needed.

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And the Greek Zeta could not be left out of line, fighting a coconut with a huge ax in her hand. Zördös Zé immediately indicated not to do this because the fruit would bounce and literally cut his fingers.

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