Chef Life – The Restaurant Simulator: This is how veal stew is made [VIDEO]

The cyanide game will be a little different from what we are used to.

The Chef’s life – Restaurant Simulator (title with a colon and Steam with a hyphen; publisher, Nacon has to decide somewhere which is correct) contains seventy-five recipes of French gastronomy, so we’ll have a chance to enjoy traditional food (to be fair), we don’t translate any from them, because it is not always possible to turn them into Hungarian: to test our abilities while executing blanquette de veau, bœuf bourguignon, pot au feu…). If we are good enough, we can also win a Michelin star.

After selecting the ingredients, preparation, slicing, frying, cooking, serving and seasoning are also important, as they must be perfect to meet the expectations of consumers. The decoration of our restaurant is also not worth forgetting, but the game will provide many options in this as well. The Steam side of the game reveals more than that: even kitchen items like ovens can be selected to make our dream kitchen a reality. Our team is also worth keeping an eye on, and we need to stay in touch with our suppliers so that our credit remains environmentally friendly and there is no “freeze” in the middle of dinner orders.

We can not only make French food (the video is about it all), because Italian and international recipes are also possible. We can adjust recipes to suit the seasons, so we can also eliminate expectations. It will also take our creativity to turn a small local place into a Michelin-starred restaurant and therefore internationally recognized. Maintaining consumer loyalty is also important, but in order to grow we need to open our wings more seriously, which requires mastering the style and expectations of fine dining.

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The Chef’s life Restaurant Simulator will be released on October 6, according to the press release. It will be a multigenerational game (which can be seen in the visuals), so PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (steam) in addition to the trio on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch to appear.

Source: Magnew . press release

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