Chef: Ferenc Fruner did very badly and then cried (video)

Chef: Ferenc Fruner did very badly and then cried (video)

To put it mildly, the star hairstylist, who has obvious problems in the kitchen, is not at the height of the situation, although perhaps no one wants to compete better.

Ferenc Frunner is still in the competition, but he is getting closer and closer to falling. To put it mildly, there are better competitors than him, and his will is much stronger than his knowledge of cooking at the moment.

If you can somehow balance these two things out, you may feel more secure, but still be at the height of the situation. He’s entering race day in great style, and lately it hasn’t been any different.

He always tries to raise the bar even higher, but when Ákos Sárközi comes out, it means a lot. The Michelin-starred chef said he didn’t know what Fecó was looking for in the race because what he put on the table was so little.

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Ákos is a very calm and understanding guy, but now Fecó has pulled his match out a bit. At that time, the competitor already knew that he was on the verge of elimination and at the same time low, because he practically did not receive a positive evaluation from anyone.

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