Cheater attacks computer players

Cheater attacks computer players

Cryptominer is hidden in the modified MSI Afterburner installer.

About a scam campaign targeting computer gamers have been reported Security firm Cyble researchers, the fraudster attempts to mine Monero cryptocurrency on their computers using software hidden in MSI’s Afterburner installer. With the popular and free Afterburner software, video cards can be overclocked, in addition, after some modifications, real-time statistical data can be written to the game playback interface, frame rate, and hardware usage.

One way or another, cryptographers are always messing with computer gamersSource: Alena Darmel / Pexels

The scammer didn’t reinvent the wheel: he created fake download sites for MSI Afterburner using the modified installer, some one-to-one copies of the application’s official website. Attempts to lure players to fake download pages with ads displayed on search engine results pages and by manipulating search results.

The installer downloaded from the fake sites installs MSI Afterburner on the computer as expected, but then uses a trick to bypass the antivirus and tries to download and run an unwanted cryptocurrency mining application. Based on experience so far, the scammer is not currently trying to deliver other malware to computers, which is a good thing, at least they are not trying to steal or encrypt the data on them.

All the red arrow ads point to cheat download pages and the green ad is the official MSI Afterburner websiteSource: Cyble

Those looking to download MSI Afterburner should make sure that the utility on its official website They click on the download button.

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