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Cheaper Netflix could come at the end of the year

Cheaper Netflix could come at the end of the year

A lot has been hearing lately that there will be big changes around the house of Netflix. It now turns out that a new, cheaper subscription option is coming later this year, but there will be other innovations as well.

The The New York Times According to Netflix, Netflix has informed its employees that it will be offering a package with ads at the end of the year, which will be more affordable than before. The company has been reluctant to advertise in the past, but there’s been a lot of bad news lately, with fewer subscribers and more and more competition, so they have to innovate.

The concept is simple: those who can afford some ads will have to pay a lower monthly fee in return. It is important to stress that existing subscription options will not be affected, so users will not be disadvantaged in any way, at least for this reason.

Besides the cheaper advertising package, unfortunately, there will be a stronger measure against password sharing. We’ve heard about this before, they use a lot of other subscriptions which the company doesn’t like. An opportunity will be offered, according to the news, for some additional fee (which is cheaper than the standard monthly fee) we can add additional users to our subscription who will be able to view content with their password.


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