ChatGPT: The Russians have already put it in the service of propaganda

An important part of Russian propaganda was the technique of recent years, when “news” were created on the basis of comments written within the framework of foreign newspaper articles. Thus, the Russian state media can constantly talk about how they “criticize” the “British”, “Germans” and “Americans” and “mock” their politicians.

These commentators, who are usually anonymous and do not have a personal photo, naturally express their admiration for Russia and Vladimir Putin, writes the independent Russian news portal operating in Latvia, Medusa.

All of these types of materials follow the same pattern. The authors locate a news story, such as Volodymyr Zelensky’s call for Ukraine to join NATO, then attach the material information to pro-Russian comments from foreigners. It is also a favorite of Russian propaganda when Bulgarians admire Russia.

In 2023, Russian propaganda decided to expand its group of heroes, so recently Bulgarians and Americans who are fans of Russia and Russian leadership have been joined by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot.

Among other things, ChatGPT reminded the Russian propaganda press of how strong and resourceful the Russian economy is. ChatGPT also warned against investing in cryptocurrency and even told the value of the dollar in one year.

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