ChatGPT can be beaten by Google’s soon-to-be chatbot, which will no longer be banned from the Internet

Google has the skills to carve out a worthy competitor to the hugely popular and with special abilities Against ChatGPT Even before OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, the company developed language models that could be used to conduct meaningful dialogues: This was LaMBDA and Flamingo. In fact, the company already had a chatbot in 2020 that gave original answers to users, it was Meena.

Much of the research has yet to become productiveAnd According to Google, this is primarily for security reasons. ChatGPT and Increased interest from Microsoft However, it pressures Google towards the project.

A startup called Deepmind is responsible for Google’s artificial intelligence developments. The founder and CEO of the company, Demis Hassabis, recently stated this time– which Sparrow could release in beta this year. This is noteworthy because, until now, Deepmind has functioned like an artificial intelligence research institute, developing technologies that Google has then incorporated into consumer products.

In September 2022, Deepmind introduced Sparrow, which, like ChatGPT, is also trained on human feedback, which Deepmind says makes the software more useful, accurate, and harmless.

In addition, Sparrow also has access to the Internet through Google, so he can include up-to-date information in his answers.

According to Time, the beta chatbot will also provide your answers with resources.

Sparrow is based on Deepmind’s Chinchilla language model, which has fewer parameters than OpenAI’s language models – But it was trained using a lot of data. The language model introduced in April 2022 outperformed GPT-3, the version of the model at the time (ChatGPT was running at version 3.5), in language tests.

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