Characteristics of the Engineering Profession – Simple answers to tough questions from the Jooble experts

Engineers are responsible for designing, assembling, maintaining, and repairing various devices developed by themselves or their colleagues. The specialty is quite complex, it is a mixture of science, physics and computer technology, which requires a high level of expertise.

What does an engineer do?

Engineers are highly sought-after professionals, says Goebel. Even in small towns like work is jealous When searching for terms on the portal, you can find hundreds of engineering jobs.

The duties of an engineer depend on his area of ​​expertise:

  • A design engineer invents, designs, tests, and repairs equipment;
  • Technological engineers are involved in the maintenance and development of various devices;
  • A software engineer creates software to automate various processes;
  • A military engineer who deals with the development, assembly, testing, development and implementation of military equipment;
  • The physical engineer applies his physical knowledge to troubleshoot and improve the operation of various devices;
  • Biological engineer provides solutions to technical problems.

In addition, any engineer writes expert opinions and maintains engineering documentation, in addition to supervising compliance with labor and occupational health and safety regulations.

How much does an engineer earn?

An engineer’s salary depends on several factors. First of all, from the specialty of an engineer, education and work experience. Second, professionals working in hazardous, complex, or important industries can expect higher salaries. Thirdly, from the position – the higher the position, the higher the responsibility and, accordingly, the higher the salary.

A service technician can expect 300-400 HUF, while a maintenance engineer can command a salary of 500,000 HUF.

What skills does an engineer need?

  • A comprehensive experience that can only be provided by higher education.
  • Full knowledge of the field of activity in which the engineer is engaged (for example, an engineer in a construction company must understand the specifics of construction work).
  • Mathematical skills and logical thinking.
  • Analytical and technical skills.
  • Creative abilities (spatial thinking, drawing and drawing talent, creativity).
  • endurance and accuracy.
  • Responsibility, initiative and other leadership qualities.
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The advantages of the engineering profession include high demand, high income, social security, stability and very diverse development opportunities as well as sufficient professional knowledge.

Among the disadvantages, we would like to mention the not very high wages for young professionals without experience, the monotony of work, constant stress, difficult working conditions that often require physical effort.

How demanding are the engineers?

Since many companies, from food factories to rocket factories, require engineers of various specialties, and, unfortunately, fewer and fewer specialists come out of higher educational institutions, the demand for engineers is obvious. The demand for these professionals is high and is likely to continue to grow.

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