Change the list of your favorite browsers

Change the list of your favorite browsers

According to the latest releases of StatCounter’s web analytics service, Edge Safari has taken to the top of the list of the most popular desktop browsers, making it the second most popular browser on PC after Google Chrome. HWSW. According to the data, Microsoft Edge is already used on 10.07 percent of desktop computers worldwide, 0.46 percent ahead of Safari at 9.61 percent. The first place still belongs to Google Chrome with a 66.64 percent share, while the fourth Mozilla Firefox has 7.86 percent.

As the default browser for Windows 11, Edge’s popularity has been on the rise in recent months, and it began showing in February that it would soon leave Safari, when it was already used by 9.54 percent of desktop computers. Safari’s share was still 10.38 percent last January, which has started declining very slowly over the past 14 months.

Meanwhile, the Google Chrome user base continues to grow, and more and more people are replacing Firefox despite regular updates and improvements. Based on that, it appears that Safari’s third place, which has lost just 0.23 percent since February, is not particularly threatened. Of course, this may also be affected by changes Apple is making to the way the browser works with macOS 13, the IT portal adds.

On the mobile platform, the situation is different, as Microsoft has not had an operating system of its own since the end of Windows Mobile. According to StatCounter analysis, Edge is not even among the top six options on smart devices.

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