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Change of clock: one hour longer on Sunday

Change of clock: one hour longer on Sunday

Winter time begins on Sunday. The clocks will officially be reset to 2am at 3am, which means the night will be an hour longer. It will light early at dawn, but will be dark shortly after 4 pm. There has been debate for years about whether it is beneficial to change the clocks twice a year, which was originally introduced for energy-saving reasons. M1 News reports that in the absence of an EU agreement, there will be no change for the time being.

For decades, on the last Sunday in October, the parish priest of Szolnok has climbed the stairs given by M1 to change the church clock, because winter begins. This year, he won’t get up at night anymore to set the clock to 2 at 2 p.m. This is because it will set the time automatically.

“The clock of the tower underwent a renovation this spring, as did the structure of the bell. The atomic clock, so it will switch to daylight saving time completely automatically at dawn.” – said Istvan Gaspar, parish priest in the diocese of Szolnok.

On the other hand, watchmakers are ready for winter.

In addition to helping clients move structures, they also work to keep inventory accurate. “We have between eight and nine hundred hours in the shop and my colleague and I moved somewhere two or three days ago, so it’s already less than an hour here.” Said Maria Kovacs, salesman of a watch salon.

Many museum structures also require special tools, so in one of the Kecskemét collections the most interesting hours are only the minute.

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“This is neither easy nor quick to set up or pull out. It also depends on the chassis and how it is modified, for example, there is something that cannot be reset while changing the clock, but it must be pre-filled due to the specificity of the chassis.” – explained Janos Bozó, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bozsó Group.

Experts say that changing the clock can put a strain on the body, as well as upset the biorhythm.

In addition to daily habits, it also changes because it gets lighter early on but gets darker early on. This is often felt by families with young children.

“It’s not possible to be there with the kids anymore. It’s too bad for them too. You have to go to bed early. Get up early. It’s dark now, not the best” Mother complained. Every year people are engaged through the transition. Usually the late risers want to conserve summer time and early risers want to conserve winter time.

“If we leave, we will have absolutely no interest in what we claim, when we claim, for how long. And we have heard that many people here and there are late because they did not turn.” A man who drew attention to him.

The original goal of changing the clock was to save energy, but the savings achieved in this way today are minimal. In 2019, the European Parliament decided to abolish the clock change from 2021. However, this process has been halted due to the pandemic said the head of the Hungarian Sleep Association on the M1. According to György G. Németh, summer and winter time will have advantages and disadvantages, but

In the long run, winter will be more favorable.

Initial polls in Hungary show that the majority of people will vote for the summer. There will be no referendum on this, for sure, because the decision of the governments must be preceded by some kind of consultation with the European Union, in which we and the sleeping assembly say that the opinions of the people must be taken into account, but also the position of science, which is in favor of the original.” said the chief.

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The Czechs have already decided: they will definitely reset the clock for another five years. This will also affect other countries, as the possibility of a common solution has gone further, which could mean that Europe will have winter and summer time for many years to come.

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