Championship vk: Mészáros beat on a stretcher at Szombathely

Championship vk: Mészáros beat on a stretcher at Szombathely

Hungarian male and female gymnasts won two medals each on the final day of the World Cup Challenge Championships held in Zombathely on Sunday.

Krisztofer Mészáros (Photo: MTI)

Krisztofer Mészáros Nújtón won, and Krisztián Balázs came second. He finished seventh on the last hurdle.

After the results were announced, Mészáros said he wasn’t originally going to start on a stretcher, but he is very happy that he has been able to develop himself to that level on this course as well.

“It was a good competition, my training went well on Sunday, and by the way, the Hungarian national anthem was sung for the first time in an international competition” announced.

In the women’s field, Greta Meyer was on the podium twice on the last day: second on the floor and third on the crossbar. Myrtle Makovits finished eighth in the final event.

“I am glad that I also won a medal in my favorite event, the beam, this weekend. I survived an unforgettable race” Meyer concluded.

The Hungarian team finished the competition in Szombathely with six medals, with Zója Székely on Saturday winning a gold medal in pole vaulting and Meyer a bronze medal in vaulting.

According to the General Secretary of the Hungarian Society, they survived a successful international competition.

“It was an event rich in Hungarian successes. It was also a great preparation for the World Cup in Liverpool starting October 29. We saw great exercises from the excellent gymnasts” Sandor Altorgay said.

Tournament, World Cup Challenge Contest, a bit

1. Krisztofer Mészáros 14,166 points
2. Balázs Krisztián 14.133
3. Jordan Alexandrov (Bulgarian) 13500
1. Elga Kovtun (Ukraine) 15100 points
2- Haruki Minori (Japan) 766 147
3 – Tierno Diallo (Spain) 14.333
… 7. Balázs as .13.300.000
1. Ceng Wei-seng (Taiwanese) 14,433 points
2. Sophie Lindry (Canadian) 14.166
3 – Salim Njouj (Jordan) 13,900

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1. Catelyn Jung (American) 13,500 points
2 – Greta Meyer 13.033.2007
3- Sydney Turner (Canada) 12900
1. Mesa Kosikow (Finland) 12,866 points
2. Sydney Turner (Canada) 12,833
3. Mayer 12,733.2007
… 8. Makovits Myrtle 11300


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