Centennial Agnes East is named after the tournament in Israel |  News

Centennial Agnes East is named after the tournament in Israel | News

Ynet news site Ynetio Ahronot reported Friday that the most successful 100-year-old Jewish athlete, Agnes Keletti, on Saturday, will be named the ceremonial tournament in Israel this year.

For nearly sixty years, the Hungarian-Jewish athlete lived in Israel for nearly sixty years, winning ten Olympic medals, including five golds. In Tel Aviv, he was a federal captain of the gymnastics team and participated in teacher training, in part laying the foundations for the sport in the country.

To celebrate its 100th birthday, the Israel Olympic Committee, along with the local Women’s Sports Federation, decided to name the Israeli championship after 2021, and a special logo was designed to accompany this competition from now on. In 2017, Agnes Keletti also won the country’s most prestigious award on Independence Day, the Israel Prize in the Sports category.

“He was a tough trainer and teacher, but he was very honest and considerate, and he also made sure he was teaching me the right values. The first was health,” said Chaya Halperin, a former colleague who wrote. the classroom.

At the age of thirty-five, Ogens Keletti won four golds and two silver medals for Hungary at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, then settled in Israel. He met Robert Perrot, who is also a physical education teacher of Hungarian descent, and married two sons, Daniel and Raphael.

In Israel, Agnes Keletti taught at the local College of Physical Education, Wingate Institute, where she has trained generations of gymnasts and physical education teachers for about 30 years, and has also promoted gymnastics in Israel.

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Ágnes Keleti moved with her son Raphael, who has lived in Budapest for the past four years, where the Coronavirus lived very actively until the outbreak of the epidemic, went on trips and surveys, and did gymnastic exercises.

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