A Pfizer-BioNTech koronavírus elleni vakcinájának második adagjai beadás előtt a nyíregyházi Jósa András Oktatókórházban 2021. január 17-én.

Cecilia Muller announced a mass vaccination arrangement over the weekend

At the height of this year, the number of coronavirus patients who died in one day in Hungary increased, therefore, the surgical strain remains in a state of hard work, while the vaccination continues.

On Wednesday’s briefing from the Council on Epidemiology Robert’s Kiss Talk about the difficulty of crossing the Slovakian border:

  • Ipolyszalka is also closed
  • Motorists should be transferred from the new Komarom Bridge to the old bridge.

Among the activities of the police, the deputy head of the service center also reported

  • Police found 201 people without masks on Tuesday
  • 4- Committing such a violation in the bus stop and on the vehicles
  • No action was taken in the case of restaurants
  • 387 actions were taken due to curfews and gatherings
  • 3 dog walkers are banned
  • There were 44 police actions in the corridors (12,814 total).
  • Quarantine data: 13,247 on-site inspections in one day, 7,411 inspections were requested in the past day, and 3,632 people could be examined by mobile phone.

Muller Cecilia The chief national medical officer said at the online press conference that their epidemiological calculations have been unfortunately confirmed, and the number of patients treated in hospital is increasing exponentially, but the number of patients undergoing ventilation is also increasing dramatically, and

As early as the age of forty, the disease appears suddenly and severely,

So they need hospital treatment.

People are being asked to be patient and persistent amid the restrictions, the pandemic is a “huge burden now”,

We are taking “rapid steps” towards registering people in hospitals.

He said another dose of vaccines will reach general practitioners on Wednesday, and they will have 250,000 Sinopharm vaccines and they can also use Moderna. At hospital vaccination points, the campaign continues with 114,660 Pfizer vaccines for the elderly.

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On Saturday and Sunday, 74,000 people between the ages of 18 and 60 are waiting to be vaccinated in a form that has not been used before, and they will receive an SMS message, and they are chronically ill.

He said they are getting AstraZeneca. SMS recipients have to go to the hospital for vaccinations.

He stressed that “the message will cover everything, including the vaccination site and the time.” The contents of the “recall” must be carefully considered. Cecilia Muller asked the arrivals, if possible, to download the consent form from the vaccine information so that they no longer had to deal with the administration at the time of vaccination. Both the card and the person must be carried, and clothing is essential so that the upper arm is easily accessible.

He said that the date of the second vaccination will not change for those who have already had the second vaccination, but the next vaccination will be given later, not with the usual rest period that ranges between two and three weeks.

questions and answers

Should those notified via SMS respond?

– No, don’t do that! It will include space and time. It is not even possible to consult in such a large crowd, 74 thousand people.

Are there plans to recommend a Kaposphar model, will there be aides to immunization?

We previously asked the municipalities to help with technical implementation.

What do you expect to change your vaccination schedule? Are everyone who signs up for Easter really vaccinated?

The vaccination schedule has not changed. We vaccinated different age groups and people at risk. Our goal is for anyone who has registered so far on Easter to be vaccinated. Whatever it is called, go, get vaccinated! For those who have previously missed vaccination due to illness, vaccination points are available.

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InfoRadio: – The second dose should be of the same type as the first, or when it is necessary (after about one year) to receive another coronavirus vaccine, of the same type as the first dose or any other vaccine.

There is insufficient scientific evidence for this, nor for the vaccinations needed for the next possible season.

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Opening image: MTI / Balázs Attila

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