Cats will be banned from the streets of Australia

Cats will be banned from the streets of Australia

Several states in Australia will ban owners from allowing cats out of their homes, with one study saying they are responsible for killing millions of domestic animals.

The research found that each stray wild cat slaughters more than 740 domestic wild animals each year, but even domestic cats can kill an average of 180 animals per year, well above the previously estimated rate of 75 per year.

Three million mammals, two million reptiles, and one million marsupials die every day across the country from cats.To stop the killing of cats, authorities across the country will impose restrictions on the breeding of cats. Canberra is considering keeping all new cats in an apartment from mid-2022, or else the owners could be fined $1,600. A slightly milder restriction is planned in Bendigo, Victoria, where cats can be kept outdoors, but only within the confines of the plot, otherwise they would have to pay a $120 fine.

In Adelaide Hills, South Australia, outdoor cats will be banned from 8pm to 7am, while in Fremantle cats will be banned from public places.

The planned restrictions must even be approved by Parliament. (daily Mail)

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