Catalog - Technology - Science - Important Change Coming, Renamed Facebook

Catalog – Technology – Science – Important Change Coming, Renamed Facebook

20.10.2021. 08:29

They write that they may rename Facebook in the near future the edge. To find out

The rebranding is supposed to affect the company itself and not the social site.

The company had previously announced a metaverse project that will employ tens of thousands of people in Europe alone.

The Verge has now learned from a source that the company has changed its name because of this project. and you know

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, will talk about this in detail on October 28

at a conference.

With the renaming, the company is supposed to want it

It’s going to be a bigger company than a simple social media provider.

Facebook’s name will likely remain as a social site, but it will be just one of the many interests of the newly formed parent company.

According to The Verge, the move could also happen because Facebook has received increased criticism lately, in an effort to prevent them from affecting the parent company as well.

Facebook won’t be the first big tech company to change its name. In 2015, for example, Google was reorganized under a giant parent company called Alphabet, which also wanted to indicate that they had not only a search engine for their product, but also multiple interests. And in 2016, Snapchat also changed its name to Snap Inc. for similar reasons.

(Cover photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images Hungary)

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