Catalog - Technical Sciences - Puruttya is Dacia Spring, but at least electric

Catalog – Technical Sciences – Puruttya is Dacia Spring, but at least electric

We tried Hungary’s cheapest electric car, the Dacia Spring, while we were researching the benefits of CNG. The new Cupra hasn’t even been revealed, but it has already been revealed that it will be built in Győr, Mercedes has demonstrated its most powerful AMG GT to date, and Honda is calling on biology to help achieve carbon neutrality. Total Car News.

Of the electric cars available in the home, Dacia spring the cheapest. But how much tolerance do we have to deal with and what does it know anyway besides the fact that it runs on its own and it doesn’t rain? We tested it!

There is also an alternative to electric propulsion if you choose eco-friendly propulsion, such as compressed natural gas. In many cases, this is a very environmentally friendly solution. If you are interested in the topic, it is From the ADAC test Interesting things turn out.

if it was new cobra model We want to see it, we can only do that with dark cover for now. However, it has already become clear that the model will be manufactured in Hungary at the Audi plant in Gyr.

The Mercedes-AMG GT isn’t a smooth piece in the first place, and now they’ve put it together with another hoe: They’ve unveiled their toughest version yet. The AMG GT track seriesA total of fifty will be made.

In addition to eliminating cars equipped with internal combustion engines, Honda is working on another solution to achieve carbon neutrality: biology will be called on to help. but how?

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