Catalog - Tech-Science - Wrecked electric car and ex-Ferrari

Catalog – Tech-Science – Wrecked electric car and ex-Ferrari

This year, Ferrari will turn 75, and we’ll be constantly listing some relevant stuff on our spring weekends. This time it was Csepreghy’s classmate’s turn, reports First Ferrari experienceAbout.

Two BMW news went into Sunday, the first being less interesting: For the first time, their compact electric crossover, the iX1, was revealed at the end of the year. satisfactory picture.

The second news is already more exciting, as it was about a model entering a sector that has not been affected for a long time. or photo. The M3 Touring is a true sporty combinationdue to the patent application, we can now see it in full.

The manual transmission is in the exit, but it seems to be showing up on the last hair. Now at least one of our fan favorites has been revealed, the Acura Integra 70 percent of pre-orders were for manual edition.

Much attention has been paid to the fate of the cargo ship that caught fire last month. The fire was extinguished, but the ship still sank while towing. Thousands of vehicles on board pose a serious danger to local wildlife, and It doesn’t look like the situation will be resolved anytime soon.

The four-door sports car of the Volvo sub-brand, Polestar 2, stopped under its arm. Now here’s the extended demo video as well.

Yes and Buy Papp Tibi LIANA.

Cover photo: Dániel Csepreghy

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