Catalog – Tech-Science – The Return of the US Space Force’s Space Shuttle

After its sixth mission, after 908 days in space, the American ship landed on Saturday army Boeing X-37B Space Shuttle. The device, which looks like a miniature space shuttle, has been in use since 2010 to test technological advances.

The Associated Press reported that the experimental units that carried it — which conducted research for the Naval Research Laboratory, the Air Force and others — were removed from the spacecraft prior to landing. One of these prototype units was the FalconSat-8 satellite, which was built by engineering students at the Air Force Academy. Among other things, the 136-kilogram FalconSat-8 tested a new electromagnetic space engine.

The history of the X-37 test vehicle began in 1999 at NASA, and after five years it came under the authority of the US Department of Defense, from where it was transferred to the subsequently created Space Force. The X-37B has so far traveled 2 billion kilometers and spent 3,774 days in space.

China also hasz X-37B With a device similar to the Space Shuttle, which is currently orbiting the Earth and, according to predictions, will soon return to its mission.

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