Catalog - Tech-Science - Musical microphones set up at two tram stops in Budapest

Catalog – Tech-Science – Musical microphones set up at two tram stops in Budapest

In her fall campaign, aE.ON Hungária . GroupTo bring urban dwellers closer to nature, which is increasingly being excluded from their daily lives, and from the potential of green energy sources. The goal is to remind people of the importance of an active relationship with nature and to inspire them to think environmentally consciously.

To this end, in cooperation with the advertising agency ACG, special musical installations have been created in two busy parts of Budapest, affected by noise and air pollution, Széna Square and Szent Gellért Square. Tram stops there were decorated with live globes, including amber, ryegrass, and woodland moss.

The private tram stop isn’t just a hit for passersby: the installation won the gold award for the 2021 Golden Blade / JCDecaux Innovate Awards, which recognized creative and extraordinary outdoor solutions. In addition to a wonderful and close to nature music experience, the end result is:

At the stations we can hear melodies generated by the biological sciences of plants.

“Just like humans, each plant has its own vibration. The vibrations generated by the plant were recorded by a sensor placed on its leaf and root using a device called ‘Plant Music’. The device is able to convert the biosciences of plants first into MIDI data and then into melodies. Live plant music was played. created in this way in a place that city dwellers never expected: in parts of Budapest that are full of traffic, air pollution and noise” Tímea Maróti, creator of ACG, provided details of the project in a statement sent to our editorial office.

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Those who do not use the damaged tram lines but would like to listen to the music produced by the plants, They can do it online.

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