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Catalog - Tech-Science - Melting glaciers in the Pyrenees

Catalog – Tech-Science – Melting glaciers in the Pyrenees

Within two decades, researchers say, glaciers in the Pyrenees could melt into ice spots due to climate change. In the Pyrenees, on the natural borders of Spain and France, three glaciers have disappeared or become permanent glaciers since 2011, with nearly three-quarters of dozens of remaining glaciers reducing the thickness of the ice by more than six metres.

A study showed that their weight decreased by more than a fifth, or 23 percent, on average over a decade written by a file.

His name was Bryum Bharatiensis.

According to experts, climate change is responsible for the retreat of glaciers, especially the 1.5-degree warming in the Pyrenees since the 19th century. This is now a warning sign of what might happen in other mountains, such as the Alps, said Jesus Revuelto, one of the study’s authors. He added: Although its glacier mass is greater.

In some parts of the faster melting glaciers, the thickness of the ice also decreased by twenty meters. Often, the ice has receded over the centuries under the mountain ranges formed by erosion. Scientists say the glaciers of the Pyrenees are at great risk.

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