Catalog - Tech-Science - First hydrogen gas turbine built

Catalog – Tech-Science – First hydrogen gas turbine built

The foundation said in a statement that the University of Stavanger has set up a zero-emissions power plant after weeks of the successful operation of hydrogen-powered gas turbines.

We have set a world record for small hydrogen-powered gas turbines. No one has been able to produce so much energy this way

Professor Mohsen Al-Asadi, who leads the development, wrote.

The efficiency of gas turbines is slightly lower. However, the big advantage is that it can use the existing infrastructure. In addition, it does not emit carbon dioxide

he added.

The Norwegian scientist emphasized that not only did they have to deal with gas turbine fuel conversion, but they had to redesign the fuel supply and the combustion chamber. One of the main goals of the development is the ability to convert infrastructure using natural gas to hydrogen.

The great advantage of hydrogen is that it burns with oxygen to produce water, so it does not pollute the environment. Its use in propulsion of vehicles and power generation could be a huge step forward if storage, safety and production issues are resolved. It is mostly produced from fossil fuels. At the same time, hydrogen can solve the problem of undulating performance of renewable energies, which is still undergoing serious development.

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